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Canada Cell Phone Directory Finds Tons Of Info

Canadians have a new tool in their search for information online.  Following United States companies, Canada has allowed online sources to search public records for anything from criminal background checks to someone's cell phone number.

This new industry has exploded Canada after becoming huge in the United States. The companies allow you to search Canada public records and now they have worked their way into systematically gathering databases, sources, and links to data centers in order to provide members with the highest possible level of investigation services. The companies get their data from thousands of sources online.  It's something that was available to only private investigators and police until just years ago.

By searching this type of database online, users can find a wealth of information:

Most people use this type of service as a Canada cell phone directory, but there is a so much information beyond a person's cell phone number.

Since it's induction, people trying to lookup a cell phone number in Canada have used such services to check up on new business partners' financial records or new lover's criminal records.  Anything that a private investigator could do is now available Internet users.

Check out the new Canada cell phone directory industry and see what kind of information you can find beyond just people's cell phone number.  It's almost scary what kind of information is out there for just anyone to find.

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